Sticky Fly Wall

Anyone can suit up.

There’s no party entertainment quite like the Sticky Fly Wall hire on offer here at Big Fun! If you’re a big fan of photos to memorialise your event, you won’t find an attraction that offers you sillier, crazy photo opportunities than the Sticky Fly Wall! With two, specially made suits, designed for both young and old, you can take your kids, neighbours or even family on in a game of trying to become unstuck.

Delivers timeless Facebook pics.

The Sticky Fly Wall provides classic moments that are funny for everyone…until you find yourself red-faced in a Facebook album the next day.


The Big Fun Sticky Fly Wall offers an incredible amount of fun and is an unforgettable experience! Call up the Big Fun 24/7 Central Booking Office on 1800 Big Fun (1800 244 386) and order your Sticky Fly Wall hire today! It is truly an experience not to be missed. Don’t delay too long as this is one of our most highly demanded attractions! Book today!

Specification page to read:

The Sticky Fly Wall is a 3.5m wide, 5.5m deep and 4m high wall, and comes with 2 full body suits. The idea is for you to run and jump at the wall and stick yourself there in as unconventional pose as possible, then try and get yourself unstuck. Feel free to have a friend or family member do the same and have a race to unstick yourself!

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.


Size 3.5m x 5.5m x 4m high

Available in QLD and WA

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.

Note: We do NOT use VELCRO® for our chosen fastener, we use a far superior product for better stick!


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