1. Do you price match?
  2. Do you do deals on multiple rides?
  3. Can Adults use the rides?
  4. How do I pay?
  5. Do you travel to our area?
  6. When do you arrive to set up?
  7. What can I do before you arrive?
  8. Do you supervise the rides?
  9. Can I hire the ride DIY or overnight?
  10. My party is not on grass?
  11. I have no power on site what do I do?

  • Do you price match?

    Absolutely – we’ll match any price within reason. As we choose quality brands and manufacturers for our attractions, sometimes it's not always possible to match say a premium, high-performance and authentic European Mechanical Bull against a cheaper, Chinese-made derivative from our competitors.

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  • Do you do deals on multiple rides?

    We are the package king specialists! Let us know what rides you want, and we will endeavour to provide the best package deal possible. Remember you get what you pay for so don’t get caught out with dirt cheap inferior rides as you may not be happy with the outcome!

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  • Can Adults use the rides?

    Of course! ALL of our rides are designed for adult use so anyone can have fun on our attractions!

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  • How do I pay?

    We require a 50% deposit when the booking is made and the balance the week of the event. You can pay us using any universally accepted credit card (some fees apply), direct deposit, cheque or cash. Please bear in mind, as noted on your invoice the full amount is due before the event date. For events with cash payment, a backup credit card may be requested.

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  • Do you travel to our area?

    For sure we service Australia wide and have been around the country! Depending on the ride and location, travel fees may be charged outside of Metro areas. For a custom travel quote, please contact us directly.

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  • When do you arrive to set up?

    Generally speaking, our team arrives approximately 30-60 minutes before the event start time, although this may differ from ride to ride. This also depends on how many rides you have ordered. Contact us for more details when you make your booking!

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  • What can I do before you arrive?

    The best way to guarantee a smooth-running and stress-free event is to ensure you can answer the numbers you have given us at all times. It is critical that we are able to contact you if we are unable to access the event due to patron’s vehicles blocking entryways etc.

    Ensure you have cleared the correct amount of space for the ride and there is ample access to the designated ride area. If access is tricky, contact us before the day so that we can accommodate.

    Double check power requirements. They will be clearly marked on your invoice. Ensure the circuit is not already overloaded and that an uninterrupted, clear source of power can be provided within the required distance.

    If your event is at night, ensure you have enough light – generally speaking enough for smartphone photography is recommended based off experience – guests will tend to use a ride they can see others enjoying then one left in the dark. If you’d like to make a statement, you can hire our lighting packs with our rides which offer a visually exciting spin on our already awesome rides.

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  • Do you supervise the rides?

    We can accommodate many options, and many of our rides can be dropped and left overnight as an unsupervised hire. However, some rides do require an operator(s). Supervised means the ride is installed, checked and operated/supervised/managed by our own in-house team. This is vital for ensuring safety on complicated or larger rides like the Mechanical Bull or larger inflatable rides.

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  • Can I hire the ride DIY or overnight?

    You sure can! An overnight hire is when our team will deliver, setup and advise you on how to run the ride for your event. This is perfect for private parties as it offers you the flexibility to run the ride to an open schedule. After your event is complete, our team will return to the venue and pick up the ride – at no point is the client required to install or move any heavy equipment, we aim to make overnight hires a hassle and pain-free experience.

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  • My party is not on grass?

    We can set up on solid surfaces or grass, but we may need to bring along anchor weights which may come at an additional charge. Please notify us when you make the booking.

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  • I have no power on site what do I do?

    That is easy! We can supply generators at an additional fee if your site is unpowered.

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