Human Foosball

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger teams.

Big Fun’s ‘Human Foosball’ is a unique experience for your outdoor event. The arena resembles an inflatable soccer field, but this is not soccer…this is foosball! With it’s gigantic inflatable walls to its soft, team-coloured harnesses, the Human Foosball inflatable takes two teams of five head on for a gruelling game of soccer with a twist – every player is strapped in a bungee line. This equals hilarious results that takes dedication and plenty of communication to score a goal

Stand-out attraction.

All the members of each team are connected by elastic cords, meaning you can only move side to side. While the game brings all the fun that any inflatable soccer game would, Human Foosball relies much more on teamwork and coordination. It’s perfect for events with mixed age groups, as everyone gets to touch the ball regularly and there’s not too much running involved! Make an impression at your next event. The Human Foosball has long, tall mesh screens meaning observers can get in close without getting knocked out.

Safe even for your CEO.

Soccer-fans and amateurs alike can jump into the awesome realm of Human Foosball. Strategise your teams by strikers, defenders and goalies and prepare for a game that involves everybody to win. Big Fun is a huge believer in safe, clean fun, and Human Foosball definitely provides this. Each player is equipped with a lower torso pad with loops for the elastic cord, so there’s no need to worry about rope or friction burn.

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.


Size required 14m x 8m

Available in QLD and WA

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.

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