Pole Joust

Strength, Balance and Agility

Get ready to test your strength, balance and agility with our Pole Joust ride! Put on your helmet, pick up your shield and pugel, mount the pole and hold on! Go head to head with your opponent, as one fighter triumphs by knocking the other down to the inflatable depths below! This ride is great for both guys and gals, and the soft landing ensures that only your pride will be hurt! If you’re after a cool, physical and safe way to get competitive, look no further.

Great for any type of party, event or gathering, all that’s required is an area that’s 5m by 5m and you’ve got a way for both kids and adults to fight for the title of top jouster! This product has real potential as an outlet for team building exercises, and is sure to have any and all queuing up to join in the fun.

If you’re interested in adding a new level of enjoyment and competition to your party, call Big Fun’s 24/7 Central Booking Office on 1300 BIG FUN (1300 244 386) and enquire about how to become the best inflatable gladiator you can!

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.


5m x 5m

Available in NSW and ACT

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.

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