Adult Jumping Castle

Big Fun for Big Kids
Requires: 8m x 7m.

If you are looking for adult jumping castle hire you have come to the right place. No longer do the kids get all the fun at the party.

Our adult jumping castles are reinforced for the adult jumpers out there. The walls are sturdy and strong and when you combine our special super bounce floor bed with the raw power of your legs you will be amazed at the vertical height you can get.

Whether you want to bounce or blast off into space there is no way more fun to do it than on an adult jumping castle.

We have adult jumping castles for hire in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and the ACT. We regularly work with corporates, teens and families and ensure that our equipment is safe for all to use.

If you have got 8m x 7m of spare space at your event, this is the best way to fill it.

Call us today on 1800 244 386 and book for your next event!