Treasure Chest Promotion

A hot new product from Big Fun is the treasure chest promotion…A fantastic way to promote a product opening, event, trade show or even your next party. We provide you with ‘x’ amount of dummy keys and one winning key. They all fit the lock but only one key opens up the chest and wins the prize of your choice inside!

Want to draw people to your trade show booth? Want to create a buzz in your shop or bar, or are you simply looking to attract people to your next event?? This inexpensive tool is the perfect way to do it. The sky is the limit with this wonderful promotional item.

We can fully customise the artwork around the frame to your choice so it can be branded however you like. Draws and mail outs are no problem, just send out the keys and customers will be banging down your door for a chance to unlock the chest!

The future of promotion is right here with Big Fun so call us on 1800 BIG FUN for more details on how we can make this promotion work for you…

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