Sega Rally Arcade

Roar into first place and claim your rightful spot on top of the champions podium! Fly over hills and slide around corners at full speed, just don’t crash! There’s only one way to experience the retro thrills of Sega Rally, hire one from Big Fun. The Sega Rally was one of the most of the most popular arcade games ever to hit the market and many people will have fond memories of spending hours with their friends zipping across dirt and road in the seats of the Sega Rally. Find out how much fun they can be at Christmas, office and birthday parties by hiring from Big Fun today!

Big Fun is the number one place when you want to party but still need your rubber burning, tire spinning engine grunting fix. With two player mode available you can race your friends and beat your boss. So don’t waste any more time rent your own Sega Rally Arcade game from Big Fun today!

Available in NSW and ACT

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