Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine hire can give your event a classic vintage feel. Our popcorn makers are of the highest quality and able to produce enough popcorn for you and all your guests throughout the course of your event.

It’s hot, fresh and salty, exactly like good popcorn should be. When you choose to hire your popcorn machine with Big Fun you’ll get all the equipment you need to make this treat for your guests included. Simply cook up the batch and watch it overfill the machine with tasty newly popped kernels.

You can choose to either self-manage the popcorn machine at your event and we’ll throw in enough supplies to make 160 serves. Alternatively we can supply a professional staff member to manage this for you and throw in enough supplies for 300 serves! Perfect for corporate events!

Contact us on 1800 244 386 and get this iconic machine at your next event!

Available in NSW, ACT, Vic and QLD

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