Mega Obstacle Course

The Big Fun Mega Obstacle Course is the best obstacle course that you’ll find anywhere in Australia!

The Mega Obstacle Course contains a series of twists and turns, crawls and climbs that will have everybody entertained for hours and ensure they come back for more until they overcome the section they’re struggling with. This is what sets the Mega Obstacle Course apart from the rest as the best obstacle course on the market today!

The size of the inflatable Mega Obstacle course means that it can hold many people simultaneously and so it’s a perfect safe attraction for large events – no one will be getting bored standing around waiting for their turn!

Give your guests the entertainment they need, we assure you this will be a ride to remember! If having one of the biggest inflatable obstacle courses on the market sounds like a great idea for your event, don’t hesitate to give Big Fun’s Central Booking Office a call on 1800 BIG FUN (1800 244 386) – it’s open 24/7!

Available in NSW and ACT


14m x 14m x 4.8m

Available in NSW and ACT

The Mega Obstacle Course is a 14m x 14m long monster of an inflatable obstacle course that will push anyone to new limits in their confidence and teamwork abilities!

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