High Striker

Introducing the quintessential carnival game strength tester, the High Striker. Our High Striker Hire allows for guys and girls, both young and old to participate in the age-old test of strength. Show your friends and family just how much force you’re packing, as you swing the giant hammer and do your best to ring the big red bell!

This classic fairground game will be a source of endless entertainment and competition for any group of people, with different settings to suit all ages and levels of ability. This High Striker is the staple of any great fair, fete, backyard party or even corporate event, and a source of plenty of laughs, along with plenty of friendly competition.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this great party attraction, call Big Fun’s 24/7 Central Booking Office on 1800 Big Fun (1800 244 386) enquire about our hugely popular High Striker.

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.


Available in NSW and ACT only

2.5m x 2.5m x5.2m

Available for supervised or unsupervised overnight/DIY hire.

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