Sumo Suits Hire

Sumo suit hire lets you experience the life of a sumo wrestler for a day. Well, not exactly, but it's likely the closest you'll get to lifestyle.

Our Sumo Suits are built with safety and comfort in mind. They're easy to get in and out of which means more wrestling rounds for all involved.

It's not all about strength with sumo suits either. Their design helps those that haven't been training for the moment their whole lives making each bout fairer for all participants.

Sumo suit hire is great for birthdays, corporate events or really any event with a spare 5m x 5m! We offer sumo suit hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

As for actually running the event on game day, we recommend running a tournament structure (our supervisor will help set this up):

Common formats include:

  1. HEATS
    Pairs play-off against each other in heats with winners moving to the next round until two finalists emerge. These two fight it out for “Sumo Champion”. Heats can be grouped by age group, sex or other means depending on your situation.
  2. TEAMS
    Two teams are created and a member of each team battles it out in a Sumo match. Each game winner (there are 3 games to a bout) receives a point. The team with the highest score at the end is declared the winner.
    The winner of the bout keeps playing until he/she is beaten. If someone can beat everyone in the competition they are pronounced “Sumo Champion” - Ideal for smaller competitive groups.

The rules of the bout:

  1. Competitors will be started apart on opposite ends of the circle, facing each other.
  2. The referee will signal the competitors to begin and the competition will end in one of two ways:
    • Forcing opponent outside of circle - The contest ends when one of the contestants makes contact outside of the circle with any part of the body.
    • Forcing opponent to the mat inside the circle - The contest ends when one of the contestants makes contact inside of the circle with any part of the body except their feet.
  3. The competitor who wins two or more bouts out of the three games will win the match.
  4. The referee's decision on a question of fact is final. His/her interpretation of the rules during the game is final.