Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer, or bubble football, is Big Fun’s newest game, and it’s shaping up to be one of our most popular party games already!

Bubble Soccer is a fun, action-packed game for up to 6 players on each side. You’ll be bumping into each other at high speed, and sometimes the actual soccer itself becomes of secondary importance to the thrill of crashing into each other. Don’t worry, playing bubble football is perfectly safe – the highest risk of injury is your sides splitting (proverbially) from laughing too hard!

While bubble soccer is absolutely great by itself, our recommendation for getting the maximum amount of fun with bubble soccer is to combine it with our ‘human foosball’ option: this will let you play zorb soccer in a tight arena for more intense experience (4 on 4 games are recommended with this option).

Bubble soccer an amazing game for teambuilding, and perfect for any group of people interested in sports. Bookings are filling fast so don’t hesitate to book in bubble soccer for your next event! Give Big Fun’s 24/7 Central Booking Office a call on as we’re sure it will be an outstanding day!

Available in NSW and ACT

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