Wrecking Ball Challenge

Requires 7.5m x 7.5m x 4.5m

The Inflatable Wrecking Ball Ride brings fun to a new whole new level. High energy, exhilarating and big fun, this ride will be a hit among all your guests!

Play with four of your friends today on the custom inflatable and hurl the wrecking ball out to knock your opponents down. As the ball swings around, try to grab it and knock someone else out! The last one standing is the victor! A great alternate to the gladiator duel, this ride is a blast for both young and old. Itís also a great team building exercise!

Hire it today for your next party. Whether it is a corporate function, birthday party or private soiree, guests will love the inflatable wrecking ball and all the high-energy fun it brings! Call us on 1800 BIG FUN now for more details.

Please be aware that this inflatable is only available in NSW and ACT.