Pie in the Face!

Requires 3m x 3m x 2m

Introducing the hottest new game Pie in the Face! Two competitors match up and play a game to see who gets a chance at getting a pie in the face. Load the pie with whipped cream, set the mystery handle and get ready for the fun! There are many variations on the games you can play:

  • Paper, Rock, Scissors
  • Roll the dice
  • Game show trivia
  • The loser of the round twists the handle bars, and at random there is a chance that the pie will be released into the victim's face!

This game will produce awesome results for any event! Compete against your teacher at your school fair. Play the boss at your corporate eventů.Pie in the face ensures hilarious results every single time!

See the video below to explain the game:

Available in NSW only