Inflatable Darts

Requires 2m x 2m

New to Big Fun is the Inflatable Dartboard! A great addition to any party, thisíll bring out the lively competitiveness in your guests.

You may be thinking, why inflatable? Doesnít that defeat the purpose of using darts?

Well, not in this case. Our inflatable dartboard uses Velcro darts in order to score. The board itself also stands tall, so that guests of all heights and ages can (hopefully) score a decent point.

Choosing to go inflatable, as opposed to the standard dartboard, is a great option. Not only is it bigger, but itís also easier to set up (incredibly flexible Ė put it anywhere you want) and more safe! Perfect for fetes, corporate events, fundraisers and birthdays. This dart board is a fun addition to any party and are great for any competition or event. Comes with oversize darts. Add this ride to your order today for only $150!!

Hit a (party) bullseye with our inflatable darts games.

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Customers should also be aware that this particular inflatable is only available in NSW and ACT.