Gladiator Duel

We've all got that competitive spirit somewhere within and gladiator duels are one the few moments you can harness it. A gladiator duel isn't just a test of strength. It's also test of balance and strategy. When should you strike? Where should you strike? Is it time to dodge?

These are all the important questions you need to consider if you want be crowned the champion.

Our gladiator jumping castle duel arena features two podiums on an inflatable base. You'll need a 6m x 6m space to set it up and with extra padding on the jousting poles you can feel free to swing as hard as necessary to achieve victory!

We can setup your gladiator duel anywhere in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, WA or the ACT. While they're a common choice for birthday parties, at corporate events there's nothing more satisfying then setting them up and having a few (legal) swings at the boss ;)

Book yours today by call 1800 BIG FUN!

Available in NSW, Qld, Vic, ACT and WA