Popcorn Maker

At Big Fun we have a range of food and drink machines for you to hire! Add a little carnival magic to your next event with a popcorn maker, fairy floss machine, snow cone machine or slushie machine!

We can cater to events large and small. You can choose to run the machines yourself or we can send out a trained technician to manage and dispense all the tasty treats!

At Big Fun we believe in quality. All our fun food machines are of the highest standard. They're easy to work with and you don't even have worry about clean up at the end, we take care of that for you!

Our popcorn makers and slushie machines are definite favourites and always a crowd pleaser. The popcorn maker will give you perfect tasting, fresh popped, cinema quality popcorn batch after batch and our slushie machines are twin bowl machines so you can have a choice of flavours to wash your food down with!

Call us today on 1800 244 386 to find out more info and make your next event a treat with Big Fun!