Human Foosball

Big Fun’s ‘Human Foosball’ is a unique experience for your outdoor event. The arena resembles an inflatable soccer field, but this is not soccer…this is foosball!

All the members of each team are connected by elastic cords, meaning you can only move side to side. While the game brings all the fun that any inflatable soccer game would, Human Foosball relies much more on teamwork and coordination. It’s perfect for events with mixed age groups, as everyone gets to touch the ball regularly and there’s not too much running involved!

Big Fun is a huge believer in safe, clean fun, and Human Foosball definitely provides this. Each player is equipped with a lower torso pad with loops for the elastic cord, so there’s no need to worry about rope or friction burn.

So, to enjoy all the fun of a party inflatable soccer game while simultaneously practicing your coordination and leadership skills, give Big Fun’s Central Booking Office a call on 1800 BIG FUN (1800 244 386) and ask about our Human Foosball inflatable soccer hire! Our booking office is open 24/7 so you can call at the most convenient time for you.