Volcano Island Climbing Wall

9m x 8m x 8m

Looking for a great way to heat up your next party? Big Funís new Volcano Island inflatable climbing wall hire is exactly what youíre after!

Volcano Island is built for 2 people to climb at the same time, which means itís either a friendly climb for 2 people to share, or a head to head winner take all fast-paced race to the top!

The kids will absolutely lava it! But itís not only for the kids, Volcano Island is perfectly capable of having 2 adults, 2 children, or 1 of each climbing simultaneously, which means the time waiting in line is halved when compared to other inflatable climbing walls.

The only eruption youíll have to worry about from Volcano Island is the eruption of laughter when the favourite uncle is the one taking the tumble off the top of the volcano, but donít worry, even though the Volcano is an intimidating 8 metres high, it is perfectly safe and comes with all the necessary equipment.

Choose Big Fun to really put the fun into your next event by taking advantage of our Volcano Island inflatable climbing wall hire. Contact our 24/7 central booking office on 1800 244 386 and we can get Volcano Island to you whether youíre in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane. We promise you it will be a mountain of fun!