Basketball Games

If youíre looking for awesome inflatable basketball hire, youíve come to the right place! Big Fun has two different types of inflatable basketball games for you to rock the boards with at your next party. We present to you our Slam Dunker Inflatable and Basketball Bungee games!

Ever wanted to show off your version of the Air Jordan dunk? Think youíve got a better windmill than Vince Carter? Big Funís Slam Dunker offers the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Just run up, get some amazing air, and slam it down - itís really that simple! Donít forget that itís all inflatable, so you wonít be dealing with shattered glass, no matter how amazing your dunks are.

Basketball Bungee is an inflatable basketball shootout with a BIG difference. In this version, youíre welcome to get as close to the basket as you want to make it an easier shot. But be careful not to get greedy, because youíll be tied with an elastic bungee cord to your opponent and no matter how close you are, itís hard to land your shot while youíre flying backwards through the air! Itís a race to score as many baskets while preventing your opponent from scoring against you!

Get your inflatable basketball hire fix from Big Fun! Our Central Booking Office is open to calls 24/7 on 1800 BIG FUN (1800 244 386). Itís the best way to ensure guests at your next event really do have a ball!