One Arm Bandit Cash Cube

Big Fun presents an exciting new money machine amusement called the One Arm Bandit! It is designed to be a lightweight version of the traditional cash grab machine (like our cash cube), and its incredibly fun and rewarding for all involved!

The One Arm Bandit money machine is a fantastic entertainment option for smaller events with limited space. One of the best ideas weve seen for the Bandit is to set it up around your booth at trade shows. It is a fantastic promotional item that will really make your trade booth stand out from the crowd, while not needing a troublesome, exhausting setup were sure that it will comfortably fit on any table that you have around.

Jump on board the latest innovation in cash grab money machines! The simplicity of the machine means that each turn on the machine goes incredibly quickly, so there wont be people waiting around in line.

Make your booking today for the One Arm Bandit money machine! Be one of the first movers into this new innovation before it hits the mainstream! Simply call our Central Booking office on 1300 244 386 (1300 BIG FUN), were open 24/7!

Available in NSW, ACT, Qld and Vic